Sunday, September 6, 2009

Wow, what an amazing 4 days we have had so far. The first night we spent at 1770 the most beautiful beach front location. I don't know where he found this one but OMG!!! The camping went well and the caravan park was very well apointed. We were one of on about 4 tents the rest caravans of all shapes and sizes.
Our second night at a road side - well not very road side at all Camila. Again absolute beach front. No amenities and no people. Ahhh living! The girls played on the vast sand flats for hours collecting pippies and sea snails. We tried to get to the edge of the flats but it was at least a 20 min walk out and we decided that we had gone far enough. We listened to the rushing tide over dinner and into the night and awoke to the sand flats again.
Night 3 saw us at Aligator Ck. A National Parks and Wildlife camp ground. Very nice. Rock Wallaby's and joes, bandicootes and many Brush Turkes. The kids loved it. They swam in the river in the afternoon and chased the turkeys till dinner was served.
We are now in Cairns. Crystal Waters Caravan Park. Awsome. Again off the beaten track (which I love) and in a cabin for 2 nights. Really ruffin it. For Father's Day we had prawns and bugs for dinner - I didn't have to catch them which makes them taste all the more delicious.
We meet up with Julie & Scott and Fam tomorrow and then Tuesday we're off into the wild blue yonder.

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