Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 16 - Lakefield Nat Park to Cooktown (Georgi's birthday!)

Today was Georgi's birthday!!

We left our camp at Six Mile Creek (in Lakefield National Park) did a detour via the town of Laura to get a cap for our Laura with her name on it, then proceeded to the Old Laura Homestead. It was a museum of sorts, of what went on there over 100 years ago. One of the photos I took for my dad was of an old truck photo (the type of which I suspect he may have worked on in his early years), and as we were leaving we saw the real thing, though a little worse for wear.

Then we started to climb over the great dividing range, with some beatiful scenery and finally signs of more abundant rainfall, where we visited Isabella falls.

Then finally we got to Cooktown. Ahh, that's us parked in front of a bakery. Mmmm, fresh food.

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