Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 15 - Musgrave Roadhouse to Lakefield National Park

Leaving early, we headed east from Musgrave Roadhouse into Lakefield National Park. Thinking we were heading to greener regions, we were somewhat surprised at the savanah like area we encountered. It was very dry and dusty, requiring a cleanout of the air-cleaners and filters that night.
There were a few waterholes left though as the dry season wore on, but the familiar signs warning of crocodiles made you avoid taking a quick dip. We camped next to a river with high banks. Like Maytown, you felt completely alone with nothing but the stars to keep you company. But as the stars came out, so did the wildlife!  We spotted several crocs (by their orange eyes creeping along in water) that you could not see by day, had many cane toad 'sightings', and during the night were visited by some wild pigs (which sounded enormous in the middle of the still night). We didn't venture out much that night, regardless of how desperate we were for a leak.

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