Monday, August 24, 2009

The planning continues with a food prep meeting tomorrow. Oh so much organising left to do.

Levuka campground

Just another photo I found of the Levuka Campground. Taken early morning (after the fire was stoked and I had a cuppa tea ... of course).

10 days

10 days to go!!

Got some miscellaneous bits and pieces done tonight. The fridge is now secured by stainless steel turnbuckles - it won't budge at all over those corrugations now!

Still have a few things to sort out with the shelving. Georgi's getting nervous - all under control.

A picture of what the back of the car was like for the trial run to Levuka. Still a lot to organise at that stage.

Trial run

We went to Levuka (Northern NSW, Australia) for a weekend to trial out the camping setup, and the capabilities of the car - a bit of a shakedown before the corrugations and tracks of the Cape.

The camp site at Levuka is fabulous. We went low season and had the place pretty much to ourselves. A nice little campfire (they supply the wood) for the cold evenings, and rainforest on the property to tour through during the day. But my favourite is the 'playground' to try out the capabilities of the 4wd.

17 days to go!! And counting.....