Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day 1 - Cairsn to Maytown

So today we really start the Cape York experience, departing Cairns for the remote 1900's goldrush town of Maytown. The two almost identical Prado's, nick-named Banshee (silver) and Odie (white), laden with weeks worth of food and substantial 'refreshments' for relaxing after the drive. After travelling through Mareeba then heading north, we took progressive turnoffs till we hit the dirt road. We saw 2 other people for the rest of the day. After visiting Maytown and checking out the mining ruins (shown here are the main street - still cobbled, and the 'Comet and King of Range' mine/mill), we found a camp spot at the site of the German Bar. Check out the photo of Mike and Mal Leyland!

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